Template: Rainbow Graffiti (animated buttons)

Rainbow GraffitiEXCLUSIVE - only one Rainbow Graffiti Niteflirt template is available.

NF COMPLIANT - this template comes with an html file (updated Dec 13, 2012) that is tested Niteflirt compatible.

EDITABLE -everything is ready to be edited to your personal needs!

CUSTOMIZABLE - this template comes with interchangeable headers: “Bad Love,” “Hot Stuff,” “Love Hurts,” “Pay Princess,” “Punk Princess,” and “Your Goddess.” It also includes interchangeable buttons: 21 static and 21 animated.

INSTALLATION AVAILABLE: installation of your template is available for an additional $50: installation!

PURCHASE TEMPLATE: $30 for the exclusive rights this template:

Freebie: Buy Now Buttons!

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  2. don’t take credit for them, you didn’t make them! and
  3. do not resell them.