Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get my purchase customized?

Maybe. It depends on if I have time and/or interest in doing it. Just drop me a note using the “Contact” button in the upper right hand corner of your browser and ask. If I agree to do customizations, there will (of course) be an additional charge.

Is my templates/buttons/headers exclusive?

Absolutely, everything on the site (except freebies, of course) is sold as exclusives. Once you’ve paid for your exclusive set, I’ll take it off the market so that no one else can use it.

How can I use my templates/buttons/headers?

Purchased images and image sets have unlimited rights for use on your listings. All images can be customized for an additional charge. Free Goodies can be used however you want. You may not resell any of my works or claim credit for them.

Can I return a purchase?

As with most digitally delivered products online, there is no way to offer a refund once you’ve purchased your item. So choose wisely, there isn’t a “change your mind” option! The one case where this is different is: If there is a technical difficulty that can’t be resolved, then I will allow a refund. You must contact me first to resolve the problem and only if it can’t be resolved can you get a refund. Of course, in the case of a refund you are not allowed to use the product. If I discover you are still using it, I will take every legal action to protect my copyright rights.

How do I pay for my purchase?

All items are for sale via Niteflirt. Just use the buy now buttons and you’ll recieve them immediately. If you don’t have a Niteflirt account, use the contact button to discuss alternative payment methods with me.